I’m so excited!!

wishingtagMy work has been published!

Back in May I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Hunter of J.M. Hunter Photography and Sarah Nelson of Couture Events to design all the stationary for a stylized wedding. The event, themed “Enchanted Forest”, took place at a beautiful Suncadia Resort just outside of Cle Elem, Washington. I was a little nervous that I didn’t fully understand the theme and was worried my work would might not compliment the wonderful work of all the other venders who participated.  But, in the end, I was very pleased with the outcome.

I wanted to convey a romantic, delicate, and whimsical impression in my designs. To do so I carefully selected a script font to highlight elements of the text and created interlocking scrolls. I flat printed all elements in chocolate brown and pale pink on ivory-colored paper. By having the opportunity to create all the printed pieces for the wedding, I was able to establish design continuity, which is extremely important to maintaining a wedding theme. For this wedding I was asked to design everything from the Save the Date to even the tags on the Wishing Tree.

I love the Wishing Tree idea! Guests are asked to write down a wedding wish for the bride and groom and then hang them on the tree. After the wedding, the happy couple has a personalized gift from their guests to enjoy. I added gold ink dusting on the edges and strung them on gold thread to create a rich accent. I had never made tags like these before but definitely will be adding them to my product list!

The photos of the event were published in the current issue of Yakima Bride Magazine as well as the website Apple Brides. Check out the links to see all the gorgeous photos!

Fall Festival Fun

Chemistry Card Designs Booth

This past weekend I drove out to Southern Pines, a quaint little town full of charm and southern hospitality for the 34th annual Autumn Fest! The festival kicked off with a 1-mile fun run and a 5K race that my good friend Amanda from 5milespastempty.com rocked! As an avid runner it was hard not to lace up my tennis shoes and hit the pavement too , but that’s not why I was there. I was a vendor! I was ready to sell, sell, sell! And wear my new Ladies of Letterpress t-shirt. Don’t I look fabulous?!

This was my first official public sales event and it was a blast!  I had a great time educating people about letterpress printing. My customers truly seemed to like my designs but I think I really impressed them when I explained the time-consuming process of letterpress printing.  That’s right people these little beauties didn’t come off a HP. I just loved hearing, “WOW! “That’s so cute!” “Your stuff is fantastic!” and “You are the coolest girl in the entire world!” Okay maybe nobody actually said I was in the coolest girl in the world but all the positive feedback had me feeling pretty confident!

Here are some of my new Halloween Cards:

Happy Halloween
Trick or Treat
Spiderweb coasters & mini cards

All of my cards more will be on sale on my Etsy site when I launch on the 15th of October! They are also for sale at Diane’s Vintage Market in downtown Fayetteville.

And the second best part of the day… salty and sweet Kettle Corn! No festival is complete unless you get a bag or two!

The Price is Right

So the other night I was relaxing on the couch lazily flipping through channels on tv and landing on the History channel as re-run of American Pickers was about to start. I don’t normally watch this show, but it’s pretty cool. The hosts Mike and Frank are extremely enthusiastic about treasure hunting for old junk and fun to watch. If you haven’t seen this program and you like antiques you should really check it out. So they went to a gal’s house and she had all sorts of stuff, honestly looked a little like hoarders, but when they went into the basement they found a Pearl Printing Press! I was so excited I nearly jumped off the couch. I started yelling at the TV (BUY IT, BUY IT!) and then nearly lost it when they only paid $200. I couldn’t believe it. I’m sorry but that lady got ripped off. An appraiser estimated the press was worth $1000 as is. I felt bad that the seller didn’t know how much that little beauty was worth but I’m glad that the press will have a new home. Presses should be used to create beautiful art not just collect dust in a old warehouse.

Hello world!

Hello! I’m busy as a bee getting this blog up and running to share my adventures in letterpress printing. I’m also working on setting up an etsy site to sell some of my wonderful creations. Check back soon!