Sugar, Sugar!

Wedding season in the Northwest is in full swing. There is nothing so wonderful as celebrating young love with family and friends. When I attend a wedding there are two things I just can’t wait to see:

  • The Bride
  • The Cake

I just love how beautiful and happy each bride looks on her big day. And because I have a major sweet tooth, I can hardly wait to get my hands on a piece of cake. Pastry Artists are such talented people. The amazing creations of flour and sugar are just breath-taking. So I designed a congratulatory wedding card with a cake on it!weddingcakecard

This simple and elegant “For the New Mr. & Mrs.” card features a 3 tier purple cake adorned with petite purple flowers, accented with tiny green leaves on a grey pedestal cake stand. Not as tasty as the real thing but just as sweet! As always this card is available in my Etsy Shop!


Happy Birthday to you!!

happybdaycardI have finally printed my first Happy Birthday card. I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to add a birthday card to my line. It’s just crazy! Now my creative juices are flowing and I have plans for several more birthday cards in the upcoming months. Hooray!! This card was actually a lot of work, 5 different colors means 5 runs through the press, but I really liked the way it turned out! Confetti and gift boxes in a vibrant color palette look awesome against the crisp white paper. These cards are paired with a kraft envelope and are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

Smack that!

Last Friday I jumped in my car and headed to Seattle to check out the 13th annual School of Visual Concepts Letterpress Wayzgoose and Streamroller Smackdown! And it was awesome!!! Not only did I get to chat with a bunch of fellow letterpress printers and drool over a tons of great letterpress, it was a beautiful day is Seattle!

I just love the letterpress community, everyone I have met over the last few years is so nice. We are all working hard to create our own art and let’s be honest make money, but there is still an open exchange of information. For example Adina of Bunny Bear Press was quick to answer my question about a fluorescent pink ink. (Thank you, my friend I ordered some yesterday and have plates ready to ink up!) Cat, the Visualchemist and I discussed her use of magnesium plates. I currently print from photopolymer but I’m willing to expand my horizons and try new things. And Sarah from Tutta Lou Press and I chatted about company branding. It’s nice to know that even though I’m a one-woman operation, I’m not alone out there. Many new printers are working to juggle all ascepts of their business just as I am.

I also really enjoyed watching teams compete in a huge poster printing contest right there in the parking lot at the Streamroller Smackdown! If you have never seen this crazy process you should totally google it, there has got to be a Youtube video out there somewhere. Twelve teams got together to design and carver huge linoleum prints measuring 3-foot-by-4-foot, inspired by the culture of the South Lake Union neighborhood.  Here is the basic process to printing these posters:

1. hand ink the linoleum cut

2. carefully lay linoleum cut on a piece of plywood design up

3. lay down poster paper 

4. cover with green astro turf

5. top with another piece of plywood

6. roll asphalt steamroller over top 

7. carefully remove plywood and astro turf

8. slowly peel over poster paper to reveal print!!

If you live in the Seattle area I encourage you to check out this wonderful event next year. I might just see you there!

Baby Fever

It seems that lately everytime I check Facebook there is another adorable baby picture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love it! Keep them coming! It brightens my day to see the chubby checks, sleepy eyes and infectious grins. I guess I’m getting to that age or maybe a little past it, when people start settling down and starting families. I personally am not there yet. For now my focus is on running my business, planning my wedding and helping my fiance get through medical school. But I love shopping for baby shower gifts. Those tiny little clothes just melt my heart.

So last night I finshed reprinting a old design. This particular design was one of the first cards I printed solo on my very own press. The first time around I think I used too dark of a color palette and way too much ink. I’m please to see that my printing skills have drastically improved over the last two years. I considered posting a “before and after” picture but I’m just too embarrassed. Here is the new card. As always it’s for sale in my Etsy Shop!It's a Boy

Wedding Invitations

With your wedding just a few months away it’s time to get those invitations in the mail! It can be very confusing to determine how to properly word an invitation especially when the parents have been divorced and one or both remarried or have professional titles, are widowed or have a life partner but don’t worry, it can all be worked out nicely to accommodate everyone involved. The last thing you want to do is accidentally hurt someone’s feelings. It just takes a little bit of patience to determine what format will meet your needs. And if your family doesn’t fit the mold make a new one! There are some guidelines to help make this particular task of wedding planning a little bit easier.

  When do I send out Invitations? 

  • 2-3 months before the wedding. Don’t forget to leave yourself time once your Invitation have been printed for assembling, addressing and mailing. ** Again check with the Post Office to make sure you are using enough postage.

  Who should I mail an Invitation to?

  • One Invitation for each household you are inviting including your wedding party and both sets of parents. Even if you sent out a Save the Date and were informed some guests can’t make it, you should still send them an invitation. I suggest ordering 12 extra sets of invitations just in case you or your mother makes last-minute additions to your guest list. It’s almost always cheaper to order a few extra upfront than to reorder later.

   Do I include plus one’s and children?

  • Yes! You are letting the guest know if children are welcome or if it’s better to find a sitter. You are also letting all your single friends know if they can bring a dance partner. The Knot is a great place to go find tons of information on everything bridal including how to proper address envelopes.

  How do I word my invitation?

There are so many options but the basic formula for a formal invitation is as follows:

1.  Host Line:

Ask yourself, who is hosting the wedding? Traditionally the parent’s of the bride are considered the hosts. But remember the person covering the expense of the wedding is not necessarily the host. These days it is more and more common for couples to share the cost of the event with their parents. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to include both sets of parents on the invitations. Place the bride’s parents on the first line and the groom’s parents on the second. If the couple is hosting omit the parents’ names completely or use “together with their families/parents”. Check The Knot for all the proper formatting for the host lines.

2.  Request Line:

This line asks the guests to attend the wedding. The wording varies based on the host lines and the place of the ceremony. The phrase “request the honor of your presence” is typically reserved for a church or place of worship. Here are some examples:

– request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

– request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter

– request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their children

– request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their children

3.  Bride & Groom Names:

Remember ladies first. Include her first and middle names followed by the groom’s on the second line with “to” in between.

4.  Date & Time:

First state the day of the week, then write out the date of the wedding including year. Remember no abbreviations ie. five o’clock. Capitalize the day of the week, the month and the first letter of the year. Do not capitalize the time line.

5.  Location:

If our wedding will take place at a private residence include the address, otherwise do not. Again no abbreviations! List the ceremony location followed by the city and state on the next line.

6.  Reception:

Formal invitations include a separate reception card but you may choose to include the information on the invitation if you like. If the reception is to take place at the same venue as the ceremony just add: Reception immediately to follow or Dinner and dancing to follow. In the event that the reception is at a different location include the address on a second line.

 Some of the most beautiful invitations I’ve seen break most of these rules. And it’s okay! Your invitations are an expression of you, your fiancé and the love you share. You are unique and so is your big day! So why wouldn’t you want an invitation that shows your guests your personality and style? Your invitations set the tone for your wedding and should be as fabulous as you!