Cards of Christmas Past

Christmas Count Down: 7 Days

Christmas Photo Cards


So I understand we live in a digital age and everyone including my mother has a Facebook page. And don’t get me wrong, I love being able to feel connected to friends and family that live far way. It’s great to start my day with cute baby pictures and funny “so this just happened” posts. Collectively we post the latest and greatest events of days as well as the occasional rant session. It’s pretty awesome technology, it’s a daily digital diary if you will.

But I keep wondering, what we will have to look back on in 20, 30 or 50 years if we only correspond through emails, Facebook posts and text messages? This afternoon I was looking through a bunch of old photo albums and scrapbooks my great, great aunt and grandmother kept. I read through old letters and thumbed through photos and then I came across old Christmas cards dated December 1937. They are so beautiful, memories of the past forever encased in a book that can be past down from generation to  generation.  How will we pass on our Facebook account to our grandkids? How will we prove to them that we were once young enough to wear a bikini or stay up past 8:00?

I think a reason I love stationery so much is the nostalgia. Like my great, great aunt and grandmother I to, keep the cards sent to me. And from time to time I look through them and reminisce. This Holiday Season I decided to create a Photo Frame Card. These super cute cards have a space for a wallet size photo so you can still share a photo with your family and friends. “Just like Facebook”. The box set includes 8 flat cards and matching envelopes. Check out my Etsy shop for all the details.



Recipes for Holiday Memories

Christmas Countdown: 8 Days

Holiday Recipe Cards

Every year my family searches our cookbooks for those favorite holiday recipes including Dad’s Famous Fudge and Mom’s Stuffed Mushrooms. It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas in our house without sugar-packed, carb-loaded goodies. That Mushroom recipe has been passed on to family and friends countless times. As easy as it is to scribble it down on a piece of scratch paper, a recipe that important should have a lovely home on a beautiful recipe card like this one!  These cards would make a great gift for the “King or Queen of the Kitchen” in your life. A set of 12 cards is $15.00. Try pairing these cards with a holiday towel and a cute spatula, perfect gift set! Visit my Etsy Shop to see these and all my other holiday items!


New Holiday Cards

Christmas Countdown: 9 Days

Happy Holidays Friends!

With Christmas just over a week away I wanted to show some of my new Seasonal Greeting cards. I love designing a printing Christmas Cards. It really gets in my the holiday spirit, even if I have to start designing in September to have everything ready by the first part of November for the two local Holiday Bazaars and my Etsy shops by Small Business Saturday!

I thought I was so on top of things but as I’m learning more about the wholesale world I have realized I’m about 3 months behind schedule. (EEK!) So for next year I have develop a production schedule which includes design development beginning in July and completion of all holidays printing by September 1. Not to say I won’t continue to printing custom and none wholesale items until the Big Man aka Santa comes to town, but the bulk of my printing will be ready to hopefully get into retails boutiques! Which is my #1 goal for 2015!  I will post all my New Years Goals soon!

All these great cards are available in my Etsy Shop.






Thursday Thoughts

You know, starting my own business has been difficult to say the least. Following your dreams and turning your passion into a reality is a lot of work. It’s a process that takes time and dedication. It’s not a 8:00- 5:00 job. In today’s world your business consumes not only your thoughts but your social media. I now have two Facebook pages, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, in addition to this blog. Just keeping up with all of that mess is practically a full time job in itself!

I recently read that a small business owner spends 85% of their time doing the “work stuff” ie. developing marketing campaigns, exploring sells avenues, keeping detailed accounting records and ect. And only 15% of their time is actually spend working on their craft, whatever it might be. Its crazy. I think I need to find a bit better balance. After all I started my letterpress business to create amazing stationery not to analyze spread sheets. But I understand that those spread sheets are important, so I keep working thought the all the boring “business stuff.”

For example this past week I have been driving myself crazy trying to editing this blog. I made some changes that ended up causing me some serious headaches. I have spend hours on the phone with tech support and read like a million help forums. I have made a little progress but as you can see it still needs a lot of work. But it’s the drive to keep going, to always look for areas of improvement and never be satisfied that leads to success. So … I better get back to work.


Think Pink

Hot Pink Flamingos

So you know those pink, plastic flamingos stuck in trailer parks  all over Florida? I love them! Back in college my parents bought me a pair for my dorm room. Those birdies went perfectly with my white twinkle Christmas Lights. I just love a little trailer trash in my life!

So when my new Flourescent Pink ink arrived last week I knew exactly what I was going to print!! These cute little love birds. Aren’t they so much fun?!?! I love the way this neon pink just pops! I can’t wait to print more designs in this sassy color. Van Son offers a variety of additional neon inks and I hope to try all of them in the near future!

Have a good weekend!

Available in my Etsy Shop today!