As a creative person I often find I have more ideas than time and more projects than resources. So watching DIY TV programs like Flea Market Flip just adds fuel to the fire. I sit there watching people flip ugly old dressers into a gorgeous furniture you might find in a place like PotteryBarn thinking, “I could so do that! Get my purse I have treasures to find!” The problem with this unbridled enthusiasm is that I really know nothing about furniture restoration.

So about two years ago when I was still on a high from watching a marathon of flipping shows, I headed to a little antique/thrift store and picked up a little wobbly chair. The vinyl seat was split down the middle, the wood was dry and the iron was rusted. It was a real diamond in the rough. I rolled up my sleeves and got right to work, cleaning off the layers of dust and tearing off the remains of the old cushion. Then I just stood there, staring at it thinking, “Now what do I do? ” Realizing I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing or the tools to do anything, I put thew project on hold. I was doing to need some help from the best Mr. Fix-it I know, my Dad!

The amazingly talented, Laura Spencer always tell her viewers to do a little research. You can easily ruin a piece of furniture by slapping a little paint on it, if it’s actually worth more money in its original state. I decided to pay a professional to upholster the seat in black leather as well as have the metal pieces powered coated in oil rubbed bronze. I ended up spending more money than I would have doing the work myself but the quality is so much better. The final result is a chair that I’m happy to have in my studio. Check out the before and after photos.Chair Before & After

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