So the next few holidays are not exactly popular in the greeting card industry.pinklovebirds2

– Martin Luther King Day  –  Presidents’ Day  –   Groundhog Day –

Not to say I don’t greatly appreciate all the work Dr. King did for the Civil Rights Movement, his heart and determination greatly changed our country. I also believe we should honoring our Presidents and their service to our great nation. Not to mention the very important weather determining rodent from Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil. But I don’t see many people running out for get a happy Presidents Day card for the love of their life.

In all honesty the next Holiday on my radar is Valentine’s Day. It’s just over a month away and already retailers have swapped the red & green M&M’s with the red & pink ones. They have discounted the last of the chocolate Santas to make room for Cupid and are filling their card racks with heart-felt declarations of love. So I’m trying to shack off this Christmas Coma and get printing Valentines. Soon my Etsy shop will have sweet nothings for your sweetie pie! Check back soon!


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