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Wedding Invitations

With your wedding just a few months away it’s time to get those invitations in the mail! It can be very confusing to determine how to properly word an invitation especially when the parents have been divorced and one or both remarried or have professional titles, are widowed or have a life partner but don’t worry, it can all be worked out nicely to accommodate everyone involved. The last thing you want to do is accidentally hurt someone’s feelings. It just takes a little bit of patience to determine what format will meet your needs. And if your family doesn’t fit the mold make a new one! There are some guidelines to help make this particular task of wedding planning a little bit easier.

  When do I send out Invitations? 

  • 2-3 months before the wedding. Don’t forget to leave yourself time once your Invitation have been printed for assembling, addressing and mailing. ** Again check with the Post Office to make sure you are using enough postage.

  Who should I mail an Invitation to?

  • One Invitation for each household you are inviting including your wedding party and both sets of parents. Even if you sent out a Save the Date and were informed some guests can’t make it, you should still send them an invitation. I suggest ordering 12 extra sets of invitations just in case you or your mother makes last-minute additions to your guest list. It’s almost always cheaper to order a few extra upfront than to reorder later.

   Do I include plus one’s and children?

  • Yes! You are letting the guest know if children are welcome or if it’s better to find a sitter. You are also letting all your single friends know if they can bring a dance partner. The Knot is a great place to go find tons of information on everything bridal including how to proper address envelopes.

  How do I word my invitation?

There are so many options but the basic formula for a formal invitation is as follows:

1.  Host Line:

Ask yourself, who is hosting the wedding? Traditionally the parent’s of the bride are considered the hosts. But remember the person covering the expense of the wedding is not necessarily the host. These days it is more and more common for couples to share the cost of the event with their parents. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to include both sets of parents on the invitations. Place the bride’s parents on the first line and the groom’s parents on the second. If the couple is hosting omit the parents’ names completely or use “together with their families/parents”. Check The Knot for all the proper formatting for the host lines.

2.  Request Line:

This line asks the guests to attend the wedding. The wording varies based on the host lines and the place of the ceremony. The phrase “request the honor of your presence” is typically reserved for a church or place of worship. Here are some examples:

– request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

– request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter

– request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their children

– request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their children

3.  Bride & Groom Names:

Remember ladies first. Include her first and middle names followed by the groom’s on the second line with “to” in between.

4.  Date & Time:

First state the day of the week, then write out the date of the wedding including year. Remember no abbreviations ie. five o’clock. Capitalize the day of the week, the month and the first letter of the year. Do not capitalize the time line.

5.  Location:

If our wedding will take place at a private residence include the address, otherwise do not. Again no abbreviations! List the ceremony location followed by the city and state on the next line.

6.  Reception:

Formal invitations include a separate reception card but you may choose to include the information on the invitation if you like. If the reception is to take place at the same venue as the ceremony just add: Reception immediately to follow or Dinner and dancing to follow. In the event that the reception is at a different location include the address on a second line.

 Some of the most beautiful invitations I’ve seen break most of these rules. And it’s okay! Your invitations are an expression of you, your fiancé and the love you share. You are unique and so is your big day! So why wouldn’t you want an invitation that shows your guests your personality and style? Your invitations set the tone for your wedding and should be as fabulous as you!

Save the Date

Save the Date
My Save the Date! Letterpress printed in orchid & black ink on 100% Cotton Lettra paper. Please note that part of the date have been removed for our privacy. 

So you have a pretty little ring and maybe even have a fabulous dress and it’s time to start thinking about inviting your guests. Many couples send out Save the Dates! I personally feel that a Save the Date is an essential piece of your wedding stationery. It gives your guests a heads up well enough in advance to start planning for the big day too. Airlines tickets are usually cheaper when purchased early. So you are really just being helpful! It also sets the tone of your wedding, will it be country chic in a big old barn, black tie with champagne toast, or a  lovely garden party? There are many different styles and printing options available to accommodate your wedding theme and budget. I prefer to have the Save the Date match the invitations but it’s not required. Here are some tips and points to consider when designer or working with a designer on your Save the Dates:

When do I send out Save the Dates? 

  • 6-7 months before the wedding. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, your wedding falls on a holiday weekend, or the event will take place in a town with few hotels, early notice will be greatly appreciated. Guests that need to fly in can start searching for the best prices as well as book affordable and convenient accommodations. If all of your guests are local you can push the mail date out a little but no less than 5 months prior. Don’t forget to leave yourself time once your Save the Dates have been printed for addressing and mailing. ** Check with the Post Office to make sure you are using enough postage.

Who should I mail a Save the Date to?

  • One Save the Date for each household you are inviting including your wedding party and both sets of parents. Remember if you had an engagement party all the people invited to that party should be included on your Save the Date list as well. Don’t skip people just because you already told them the date. I suggest ordering 12 extra just incase your invite list changes. It’s almost always cheaper to order a few extra upfront then to reorder down the road.

Do I include plus one’s and children?

  • Yes! You are letting the guest know if children are welcome or if it’s better to find a sitter. You are also letting all your single friends know if they can bring a dance partner. I personally made this mistake when addressing my Save the Dates. Eek! Thank goodness my friends and family are so understanding. The Knot is a great place to go find tons of information on everything bridal including how to proper address envelopes.

What should my Save the Date say:

  • -The couples names. You can be informal and just use first names.
  • -The date: duh!
  • -Where the wedding will take place. You will probably have a venue reserved at this point but if not just the City and State will do.
  • -Add “Formal Invitation to Follow” so there is no mistaking the Save the Date for the actual invitation.
  • -If you have a wedding website then include the URL. The website is a great place to put all sorts of details about the wedding. ie, the bridal party, the weekend events, near by hotels, where you are registered and whatever else you can think of. The Knot has free beautifully designed websites that are so easy to use. All you have to do is pick a design and fill out the information. You can choose to upgrade to a custom URL for $19.99. If you don’t have your website ready when your Save the Dates are printed don’t worry you can always include an info card in the invitation with the URL on it.

So much to consider and so many decisions to make! Don’t get overwhelmed or worry about making mistakes, chances are your guests won’t notice anyways! It’s your wedding have some fun! Next up… The Invitations!




Will you be my Bridesmaid?

Happy Friday once again!

I figure that most brides, as well as many lovely ladies still looking for Mr. Right, have a “Wedding” Pinterest board with everything from the perfect dress to a romantic honeymoon. I personally have a very conservative 500 or so Pins on my “I DO” board. -Haha! I just love Pinterest, it’s absolutely the best place to find ideas and how to’s for every aspect of your life. One great trend that you can explore are the fun ways brides are asking their best friends to be bridesmaids. Some of the great ideas include “Popping the Question” with Popcorn, “Put a Ring on It” with a Ring Pop, or a gift box full of sweets, spirits and a thoughtful hand written note.

I knew I wanted to do something special for my bridesmaids so I recently printed these cards. I have a large wedding party and wanted a card for gal specific to their title. I wrote a personal note to each of the girls in my wedding explaining how much their friendship has influenced my life and what it would mean to have them be my bridesmaid. I made a little gift bag that included chocolates, tea and coffee. I also included a package of information that includes all the details of the wedding weekend ie. wedding party, dress, shoes, hair, makeup, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, newlywed brunch.  I promise I’m not a bridezilla, I just like to be organized and find joy in the little details. The girls were so excited when they opened their mailboxes and found the surprise inside! Thank goodness I was so nervous! You would have thought I was proposing!

Will you be my...


Love the cards and want to send them to your girl friends? Head over to my Etsy shop and pick the perfect combination for your bridal party needs!





Engagment Announcement: Facebook “selfie” vs Formal Annoucement

Vintage Engagement Card

Congratulations you are engaged!

Don’t get me wrong I completely understand just how excited you are and how much you want to show everyone your ring and share the big news, but hold on just a second. Even though just about everyone is involved in some form of social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your wedding in one of the biggest events of your life and proper etiquette should at least be loosely followed. That being said before you post that ring pic selfie, change your relationship status, tweet or hashtag, there are a few things you might consider doing:

1. Tell your parents. First the bride’s, immediately followed by the groom’s. If  you are able to share the good news in person, do it! Remember that your wedding is just as important to you as it is to your parents. Try to keep them involve and find value in their options but always follow your heart because it’s your wedding.

2. Next, tell close friends and family. You have some options here, from a simple phone call to a lively party. Again this is not a mass text or public Facebook post. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling so make a list of all the people you have just got to tell and give them a call! You don’t want to accidentally leave someone out. This will take a little effort on your part but you will still be on cloud nine so it will be fun!

– You can mail out formal engagement announcements that can double as a Save the Date if you already know where and when the ceremony will take place as well as who you are inviting. There are endless design options and a variety of printing methods to explore. As you might imagine I personally recommend letterpress!

– A engagement party can be a really fun way to celebrate the excitement with close family and friends. You can even choose to surprise everyone with the big news at a little get together! Remember that all the people you invite to the party should be invited to wedding.

– If you really want to use social media to invite guests to an engagement party just make sure it’s a private message. You don’t need the whole world knowing just yet.

3. Finally, share with news with friends and family that you are not so close to. If you feel like it, it’s now time to post that selfie, change your relationship status, tweet or hashtag that lovely new Bling!

–  You also have the option of placing an announcement in your local paper. Typically you would place a notice in city that each the bride and groom grew up in. Each newspaper has different guidelines so check with them first but generally the names of the bride, groom, and both sets of parents are published along with where the couple went to school or work (age dependent) and when and where the wedding will take place. I would urge you be non-specific if possible, ie. ” A summer wedding in Western Washington is planned”. Rather and ” A June, 23rd wedding is planned in Tucker Farms in Auburn, Washington.” I just think that a little ambiguity is a good idea. For privacy you can forgo the engagement announcement and place an announcement of marriage after the wedding if you would like.

**Please remember to savor the moment you said “YES!” It’s one of the best stories of your life and one you will repeat over and over. All my tips are just an accumulation of all the advice I’ve received, the wedding websites I’ve read and what make common sense to me. But it’s your engagement do what feels right for you and your fiance!


* Image from The Old Design Shop: Vintage Image Treasury



Wedding Season

Wedding season is definitely upon us.  As a wedding stationery designer my part in the planning process is just one of the many important pieces to make a wedding such a special event.  It’s my job to help a couple design an invitation that conveys their style and the feeling of the wedding, while being conscious of their budget. Normally once the printing is complete, I hand off the work, wish them well and move on to my next project. Well… I’m so excited to announce that this year one of those next projects is for my wedding!

Yep, it’s my turn to say “I Do”! Now that my fiance and I are planning our own wedding, I’m quickly learning about all the decisions a bride is required to make in order for her wedding day dreams to come true. From shopping for the perfect dress to picking out the flowers in her center pieces, there is so much to do and so many options. Just 5 minutes on Pinterest and you can start to feel completely overwhelmed. The best advice I can offer is to be organized,  make a budget, set a time line, get your to do lists in order and don’t stress out. Afterall, your engaged enjoy this moment. Planning  your big day should be fun don’t forget you get to go cake tasting!!!

With the encouragement of a friend I decided it would be fun to detail the planning process for the stationery portion of my own wedding. Over the next few months we will talk about everything from announcing your engagement to personalized thank you card. I will go over time lines for ordering and mailing announcements , save the dates, invitations, and thank you cards. We will take a look at invitation etiquette from wording to addressing the envelopes. We will explore the latest trends, such as fun ways to “pop the question” to your bridesmaids!  We will also get into the day of event stationery like programs, escort cards and menus.  It’s going to be fun, so keep checking in to see what I’m up to!

Monday we will be talking about engagement announcement: Facebook “ring pic” vs. Formal Annoucement

Happy Friday